Analyses of DPRK Law (In English)

“DPRK: Children’s Right References in the Universal Periodic Review”
Child Rights International Network

  • Analysis of human rights protection in the DPRK, including (but not limited to) education, housing, child rights, women’s rights, etc.
    • Ex.) Enforcement of Universal 12-year Compulsory Education, Law on the Protection and Promotion of Child Rights, Law on the Protection and Promotion of Women’s Rights, Law on the Care of the Elderly, and Law on the Protection of Person’s with Disabilities

“Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 2017 Human Rights Report”
United States Department of State—Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor

  • Broad and inexplicit descriptions of the rule of law and subsequent judicial procedures/civil liberties within the DPRK.
    • Limited direct references, such as: Law on Complaint and Petition, Law for the Protection of Women’s Rights, Law on Equality of Sexes, Person with Disability Protection Law

“Report on Human Rights in North Korea 2014”
International Bar Association

  • “Chapter Two: North Korea’s Human Rights Policy”
  • “Chapter Three: North Korean Human Rights Law and their Applications”