NEW Webcast Series Launched

"Legal Perspective on History and Geopolitics of the Korean Peninsula" will examine a number of issues that affect the Korean Peninsula, both historical and contemporary, with a focus on the way the legal system intersects with and shapes those issues.

The inaugural two part episode discusses the “Comfort Women.” In part one, Professor Alexis Dudden, from the University of Connecticut Department of History, gives an overview of the history of the comfort women system. In part two she is joined by CKLS Director Jeong-Ho Roh for a discussion of the legal issues surrounding the “Comfort Women.”

Part I
Part II

Recent Events

​​​​​​​Prima Facie: “Comfort Women,” North Korean Defectors, and Testimony as Evidence
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Wartime Legacies: Korean, Japanese and U.S. Perspectives on Recent Court Cases on the “Comfort Women”
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New Paths or Same Direction? The Prospect for Human Rights and Accountability in North Korea
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Legacies of the “Forgotten War”
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