The Korean War at 70: Legacies of the Forgotten War


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The Korean War at 70: Legacies of the Forgotten War

September 24, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the start of one of the longest ongoing conflicts in the world. Although often called the "Forgotten War” in the United States, the absence of a peace treaty has ensured that the Korean War continues to persist. From divided families, to border tensions, to nuclear escalation, the Korean War’s legacy is far from forgotten as it continues to inform the relations and policy frameworks in Northeast Asia. What cannot be forgotten is how the decisions made both during and after the conflict have contributed to the tensions between South Korea, North Korea, the United States, China, and Japan that continue to the present day.

During the Korean War, what decisions were made that persist with us today? Who made the calls and what were the expected outcomes? In the absence of a peace treaty, how has the War continued to underscore tensions between South Korea, Japan and North Korea?

Join Alexis Dudden, University of Connecticut, Terence Roehrig, U.S. Naval War College, and Jeong-Ho Roh, Center for Korean Legal Studies at Columbia Law School for a discussion on how the “Forgotten War,” far from having faded from relevance, is still very much present in East Asia.  

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