Article 1 - Inter-Korean Relations

1. The two sides will reconnect the blood relations of the nation and bring forward the future of co-prosperity and independent reunification led by Koreans by achieving comprehensive and epochal improvement and development in inter-Korean relations. Improving and developing inter-Korean relations is the prevalent desire of the whole nation and the urgent calling of the times that cannot be held back any further.
① The two sides affirmed the principle of national independence which specifies that the destiny of our nation is determined on their own accord and agreed to open up a watershed moment for the improvement and development of inter-Korean relations by fully implementing all existing inter-Korean declarations and agreements adopted thus far.
② The two sides agreed to hold dialogue and negotiations in various fields including the high-level talks at an early date and take active measures for the implementation of the agreements reached at the Summit.
③ The two sides agreed to establish a joint liaison office with resident representatives of both sides in Kaesong area in order to ensure close consultation between the authorities and to satisfactorily facilitate civil exchanges and cooperation.
④ The two sides agreed to invigorate multi-faceted cooperation, exchanges, visits and contacts of people from all levels of society in order to give further momentum to the atmosphere of national reconciliation and unity.
Between the north and the south, the two sides will boost the atmosphere of reconciliation and cooperation by actively staging various joint events on the dates that hold special meaning for both South and North Korea, such as June 15, in which people from all levels of society including the authorities, parliaments, political parties, local governments and civil organizations, will be involved. On the international front, the two sides agreed to demonstrate the nation’s wisdom, talents and unity by jointly participating in international sports events such as the 2018 Asian Games.
⑤ The two sides agreed to endeavor to  swiftly  resolve  the  humanitarian issues that resulted from the division of the nation, and to convene the Inter-Korean Red Cross Meeting to discuss and solve various issues including the reunion of separated families and relatives. For the present, the two sides agreed to hold the reunion of separated families and relatives with the upcoming August 15 as an occasion.
⑥ The two sides agreed to actively promote the projects agreed in the October 4 declaration in order to achieve the balanced development and co-prosperity of the nation’s economy, and to take practical measures to relink and modernize railways and roads on the eastern and western coasts on a priority basis for their active use.
Status of activities:


2019.04.19 No director-level meetings held at Kaesong liaison office for eight weeks: MOU

2019.03.25 개성연락사무소: 북측, 철수 사흘만에 일부 복귀… ‘긴장조성으로 제재 완화에 대한 한국 역할 촉구’

2019.03.22 North Korea withdraws from DMZ joint liaison office after new US sanctions

2018.12.20 285 meetings held at inter-Korean liaison office since September: MOU

2018.09.14 North and South Korea Open Full-Time Liaison Office at Border


2018.11.29 South Korea sends North Korea 50 tons of insecticide to control pine wilt

2018.10.23 Joint Press Release of Sectoral Meeting on Inter-Korean Forestry Cooperation

2018.07.31 North Korean media denounces South for “preposterous” sanctions support

2018.07.04 Joint Press Release of Inter-Korean Forestry Cooperation Talks

2018.06.18 North, South Korea agree to joint teams for Asian Games


2018.08.20 Korean reunions: Families divided by war meet in North


2018.12.26 North and South Korea hold ceremony to link railways, but sanctions block way

2018.11.28 남북 철도 현지 공동조사 시작

2018.11.24 North and South Korea Get U.N.’s Go-Ahead to Study Joint Rail Project