Article 2 - Alleviate Military Tension

2. The two sides will make joint efforts to defuse the acute military tensions and to substantially remove the danger of a war on the Korean peninsula. Alleviating the military tension and eliminating the danger of war is a very important issue related to the destiny of the nation and a very crucial issue for ensuring peaceful and stable life of the Koreans.
①  The two sides agreed to completely cease all hostile acts against each other in every domain including land, sea and air that are the root cause of military tension and conflicts. For the present, they agreed to stop all the hostile acts including the loud - speaker broadcasting and scattering of leaflets in the areas along the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) from May 1, to dismantle their means, and further to transform the DMZ into a peace zone in a genuine sense.
② The two sides agreed to devise a practical scheme to turn the area of the Northern Limit Line in the West Sea into a maritime peace zone to prevent accidental military clashes and ensure safe fishing activities there.
③ The two sides agreed to, along with the reinvigoration of  mutual cooperation, exchanges, visits and contacts, take various military measures to ensure such endeavors. The two sides agreed to hold frequent meetings between military authorities including the defense ministers’ meeting in order to discuss and settle the military issues that may arise between the two sides without delay, and to convene military talks first at the rank of general within May to begin with.
Status of activities:


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2019.07.08 South Korea to enhance security measures along maritime border

2019.07.07 South Korea to deploy warships, drones at maritime border

2019.07.07 Military to take sweeping sea border security measures

2019.07.03 (2nd LD) Gov’t admits security failure over N.K. boat’s undetected arrival, denies cover-up

2019.06.23 North Korean boat incident puts defense posture into question


2019.08.09 Seoul calls for prompt operation of inter-Korean joint military committee

2019.07.29 South Korea returns three North Koreans at maritime border

2019.07.14 Moon urged to present fundamental solution to tighten military discipline