Article 3 - Transform NLL into Maritime Peace Zone

3. South and North Korea agreed to take military measures to prevent accidental military clashes and ensure safe fishing activities by turning the area around the Northern Limit Line in the West Sea into a maritime peace zone.

① The two sides reaffirmed the agreement related to the “prevention of accidental military clashes in the West Sea”, signed during the 2nd Inter-Korean General level Military Talks on 4 June, 2004 and agreed to fully restore and implement it.

② The two sides agreed to establish a maritime peace zone and a pilot joint fishing zone in the West Sea. [Annex 4]

③ The two sides agreed to fully guarantee the safety of personnel and vessels that enter the maritime peace zone and the pilot joint fishing zone.

④ The two sides agreed to devise and implement inter-Korean joint patrol measures in order to deny illegal fishing and to ensure safe fishing activities for South and North Korean fishermen in the maritime peace zone and the pilot joint fishing zone.
Status of Activities:

2020.01.20 Military chief inspects western border unit, calls for staunch readiness

2019.11.27 South Korea fires warning shots toward North Korean merchant vessel

2019.11.27 S. Korea protests N. Korea’s artillery drills via military communication lines

2019.11.26 South Korean Expresses 'Regret' at North Korean Violation of 2018 Military Agreement


2019.07.29 South Korea Returns Three North Koreans at Maritime Border 

2019.07.07 South Korea to deploy Warships, Drones and Maritime Border

2019.07.07 Military to take sweeping sea border security measures

2019.06.23 North Korean boat incident puts defense posture into question

2019.06.16 Concerns raised over military surveillance after NK fishing boat drifts over sea border